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September 30, 2013 at 6:34 pm

20 Blocks Away: Usingers

20 Blocks Away: Episode 1

Usinger’s is another example of the immigrant success stories in the city of Milwaukee.

At 13 blocks away, the Usinger’s takes Marquette students back in time to the shops inception with the similar architecture and centuries old sausage-making techniques from European descendants. The 1030 N Old World St. business has been running since 1880 thanks to the work of Fred Usinger.

The German immigrant learned the craft a sausage-making while working in numerous Wurstmacher shops. With this knowledge and $400 dollars in hand, he soon married the niece of store’s former owner and took control of the business.

Affordable food options with a great taste:

Usinger’s Italian Summer Sausage

Usingers Italian Summer Sausage

This European-crafted spicy sausage is great for watching football with your friends. Add cheese and crackers, and for only $4.41, you’ve got a a great snack on a fall day.

Usinger’s Smoked Chicken and Apple Sausage

Usinger's Chicken and Apple Sausage


For only $3.51, it’s a steal. As my personal favorite food in the shop, the unique sweetness from the apple morsels together with the classic smoked sausage taste give this product a singular taste thats great on a pretzel roll with honey mustard.

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