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April 13, 2013 at 7:59 pm

DIY Floral Headpieces

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Recent trends that I have been eyeing are floral headpieces. For months now, I have loved this accessory. Throughout the media, floral headpieces have been seen on celebrities, models and incorporated in photo shoots. These headpieces are great for a DIY project. For spring and summer, floral headpieces are perfect. This accessory is crafty yet fashionable! Above is an image of the lovely and intricate headbands at Dolce & Gabbana.

Floral headpieces are very simple to make. There are variations that are available in stores, but of course it is better to make your own. By making your own, you can add the different colors, textures and types of flowers you want. Incorporate the colors of flowers that best collaborate your spring and summer wardrobe. That way, it can match with many different outfits.

To make a DIY floral headpieces, all you need is a headband (or head wreath is preferred), a hot glue gun and the pretty flowers of your choice. It would be fabulous if real flowers could be used, but unfortunately, those don’t last. You can get fake flowers of many sorts at any craft store. They’re affordable and there are so many to choose from.  Glue the flowers of your choice is a particular array on your headpiece and voila!

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Easy steps to make a floral headpiece! I love the neutral and soft colors in this one.

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Love this model, Abbey Lee Kershaw, and her headpiece! The colors are soft, pastel and perfect for a spring/summer look.

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Celebs and Inspiration that rock the look:

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Lana Del Rey

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Some vintage inspiration perhaps?



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Vintage Vogue is all about the floral headpieces, clearly!

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I even made my own DIY floral headpiece. It was a fun past time to do with my friends. Also, it’s an excuse to take pictures with your friends, too.

lana gurl


Floral headpieces are a great way to get crafty and fashionable. This new trend seems to be everywhere. Making a floral headpiece with friends sparks creativity. Take some photos at a fun photo shoot and rock what you made!