September 12, 2011 at 12:26 pm

Back to School Wardrobe Must-Haves

Attention Marquette students (and especially freshmen newcomers)! As the fall season quickly approaches, you do not want to be left unprepared for Milwaukee’s unpredictable weather. Not to rush the end of this wonderful summer weather, but here are some practical – and of course fashionable – essentials for your college closet.

There is no worse reminder of the convenience and comfort of a car than when you grudgingly face that long walk to class during the first downpour of the school year. Prepare yourself with these indispensable items:



The Rain Coat.

A rain coat is certainly a practical investment for rainy days at college. When choosing one for yourself, remember that it will last you quite some time. Consider classic styles like this vintage trench from so that your timeless coat will keep turning heads for years to come!

Check out more raincoats at Banana Republic and Gap!


The Rain Boots.

On that same note, rain boots are yet another necessity for trudging through Wisconsin Avenue’s puddles and slush. Forget your idea of the traditional shiny rubber boots and spice up your look with rocker-chic rain boots like these by Steve Madden.

Find an inexpensive pair of rain boots at Target!




The Umbrella.

Now for the final (and most often forgotten) rainy day item that all college students should have in their closets: the umbrella. This essential accessory comes in endless colors and sizes to fit any guy’s or lady’s style. This Tumi automatic umbrella is sleek and perfectly compact for easy storage during class or when you’re hitting the books in the library.

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Now, as I always say, clothes are investments. And nothing fulfills this mantra better than the two coats every college student (especially in Milwaukee) must have.


The Formal Coat.

Whether gearing up for an interview or planning the perfect outfit for a dinner date, everyone needs a classic formal coat. Similarly as with choosing a rain coat, all outerwear should be treated as long-term investments because, to be honest, they can be quite expensive for someone on a college student budget. Look for coats with at least some kind of wool blend to stay cozy while you are out on the town during Milwaukee’s cold months. This women’s classy cashmere/wool blend coat from combines retro class with its feminine cut and modern flair with the asymmetrical collar. This men’s gray wool coat from Urban Outfitters is sophisticated yet practical with its sleek cut and warm hood.

For more styles and inspiration, check out Ann Taylor Loft and Banana Republic!




The Casual Jacket.

Perhaps this will be the most important item to have during your college years here in Milwaukee. The jacket you wear to class and around town with your friends is extremely important during the colder months (freshmen, you will understand soon enough). You need to find something that is neutral enough to wear with almost any outfit but with just enough flair to show off your unique style. I would recommend a versatile parka like this one by Whyred because the nylon in the outer shell will resist wind and its quilted wool lining and longer length will keep you warm even during Milwaukee’s coldest of days. Also, do not make the mistake of purchasing a snug winter jacket (even if it does wonderfully flatter your figure) because you always want to leave room to layer hoodies or sweaters underneath. Gloves will do nothing to keep your hands warm if your jacket is slightly cutting off the circulation in your arms.

For jackets on a college budget, hit up TJ Maxx!

Good luck to all of you during your fall semester. Stay warm and trendy!


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    Love the fashion column, Katie. :) Written like a true pro!