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December 6, 2013 at 3:46 pm

What Not to Wear: Gym Edition

By: Maitri Majithia

This year, Marquette’s Rec Center has tightened their dress code. Shirts and shoes are absolutely mandatory. Shirts must fully cover your torso, sides and midriff. Shoes cannot be open-toed. Shorts cannot have zippers, buttons or rivets.

When you’re getting ready to go to the gym this winter, keep in mind a few more tips so the cold doesn’t stop you from staying in shape.

Although it will be cold walking to the gym, you will be warm and sweaty coming out, so you may not be comfortable wearing a heavy winter coat. Instead of trudging home in a heap of sweat, layer up with long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants. This way, you’ll be able to choose what layers to wear on your way home.

Moisture wicking garments are made of fabric that draws sweat from your skin to the outside of the fabric. They remove sweat from your body in the cold while keeping you warm, making them a great base layer. Opt for thermal vests or fleece pullovers, which insulate as well as provide a light jacket layer.

Many athletic shoes have a mesh fabric covering the upper part of the shoes, allowing air, and in the winter, snow, to flow to your feet. Make the trek to the gym in sturdy winter boots, and carry your gym shoes in a bag.

By dressing appropriately, no amount of rain, snow or cold can prevent you from staying fit.