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September 28, 2011 at 1:32 am

Scarf it.

Not everybody is a big fan of the chilly weather ahead of us, but the blustery wind and bitter temperatures call for one thing. Scarves!
I have a mild obsession with my collection of… at least 20 scarves.

I’d like to consider the scarf as one of the most versatile fashion statements; I’ll list a few reasons why.
Not only fashionable, the scarf is also entirely functional for the weather- especially right here in Wisconsin. In recent years, scarves have been pushed into the market more and more for style over function. Take advantage of that, be expressive and pick a scarf that fits YOU.


The Double Loop Scarf- A Personal Favorite.

Your scarf is guaranteed to take your daily to look to the next level- in so many ways.
1) You can add class. Perfect with a long jacket, your sophistication will shine.
2) Or chose to… become a hippie for the day. Add a colorful patterned scarf and mismatch your outfit to perfection. When you want to mix it up even more, wrap it around your head for a few hours.
3) Have a new favorite pair of shoes or heels? Coordinate your scarf with your shoes to balance your outfit visually and draw attention to your new kicks. This works every time.
4) And I can’t skip this hilariously true, but obvious pointer, scarves hide those “dark circles, er shadows” and “curling iron burns” that randomly appear after your boyfriend had too much fun breathing down your neck.  Enough said. Don’t be ‘that’ girl, wear your darn scarf chickadee.
Point blank, a scarf is an investment in your wardrobe, and I personally don’t see them going out of style- ever. If they do, use them as table clothes? Yep, that works.

Upgrade your outfit and dazzle yourself.

Wrap yourself up with warm fashion.


Runway Approved.Scarf it up!